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*much pouting*

After talking to the husband today, he doesn't want me to buy the audio version of HBP because he'll probably get it as a free selection from audible.com later on. And he was disdainful of me not being able to wait three hours to start reading. I managed not to bring up the various movies he's seen at midnight releases and on the first day or his weekly trip to the comics shop, somehow.

He also nixed the idea of the hotel room, but that's more understandable.

He did say that if someone in the fan circle wanted the audiobook he had no objection to me picking it up to deliver to them. So.....anyone interested in getting the audiobook? I'll only need to listen to the first disc. *bats eyelashes*

Or, if you all know of any other LJ/HP fans in the Triangle or Triad that might be interested in going to Charlotte, tell them to shoot me an email at ssudderth at gmail dot com.
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