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B&N Info

According to my talk with my old pal Diane (the manager) at BN:

A. Wristbands will be given out starting at 8PM for people who have pre-ordered book. Your name will be checked against a list and crossed out before you are given your wristband. If you haven't pre-ordered you'll get a different colored band and have to cross your fingers that there are copies left over.

B. At the OOTP it was 2AM when the last available copy was given out and they expect an even bigger crowd this year.

C. No pre-payment being accepted however one can arrive at 8pm for the band and come back closer to midnight to wait in line.

D. No line numbers, just the bands.

E. Plenty of adults as well as all staff in costume, costume contests, trivia contests, activities, etc.

F. Call 704-554-7906 9am-10pm Barnes & Noble at Sharon Corners if any questions.
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