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Welcome to HBP_NCRelease!

This is the community where all Potterphiles (regardless of HP philosophy) can come together for an HP/LJ evening of JK Rowling goodness!!!

You must request membership in this community if only because there will be people who (by necessity) will have to list personal info. I want to make sure everyone is legit and we'll f-lock all of our posts as well.

The current plan for July 15th is to meet at Sir Edmund Halley's British Pub for some British Fare, Guinness (if you're old enough), and HP conversation before heading just down the way to the Barnes and Noble for the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

If you are in/near/around or can be in the Charlotte, NC vicinity for the HP Release we invite you to join us!!! I promise I'll approve your membership in the community as soon as I ensure you're not a stalker :)

After you've joined the fun, prop us on your LJ!! The more the merrier!!!
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